SAN Nutrition

I have been working at SAN Nutrition for a little over a month now and have had the opportunity to work on a many different projects.  My most recent was to work on a catalog that showcases all of the different products that SAN Nutrition has to offer.

There were a multitude of conflicts to overcome, but in the end, I was able to complete the task.  Before I began work on the catalog, my predecessor had already begun some work. My initial thought was of relief, considering this was a large scale project and would take several hours to complete.  But, I was relieved that approximately half of the work was already done.  Of course, this relief was only temporary… As it turned out there was several issues with the current document and it needed a massive makeover.  I ended up redoing the entire catalog (layout and design) in order to meet the guidelines set by SAN.

Before beginning the design process, I admit I was very much dreading it as I have never really been a huge fan of layout design and multi-page projects. But, to my surprise, after putting in a few hours of work I was surprised by how much I was enjoying the process.  I hit several speed bumps and conflicts, but finding a solution for the problems laid before me was very fulfilling.

Its interesting how my attitude has changed so drastically towards this type of design…

I can’t wait to do another just like this.

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