Craig Reynolds, Los Angeles designer

Welcome to the online portfolio of Craig Reynolds, a creative professional in the greater Los Angeles area. Craig has worked in multiple settings including Guitar Center’s Creative Services Department, the Creative & Marketing Department at SAN Nutrition, the Design Department at MOCO, Inc and as a freelance designer. In addition, Craig also plays an active role in the branding, identity, design and photography of his co-owned business, Illume Silks.

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Graphic Designer
January 2014–Present
  • Worked on multiple high-priority projects including Backstage Pass branding, Musician’s Friend new logo, Private Reserve Guitars re-branding, and Musician’s Friend homepage redesign.


  • Developed creative concepts and key art for tentpole events and high-visibility promotions.


  • Created assets and wireframe (mobile) for Musician’s Friend Brand Pages (including Fender, Vox, and Focusrite).


  • Create graphic design assets in accordance to brand guidelines and creative briefs for use on the Musician’s Friend website, affiliate websites, social media, email and print catalogs.


  • Communicate with other departments, including Marketing, Merchandising, UX, and CRM to create assets that strengthen marketing strategies and target the appropriate audience.


Graphic Designer
August 2013–January 2014
  • Responsible for designing and creating marketing material, including sell sheets, print ads, website assets, digital catalog, photography retouch and manipulation.


  • Design product labels in accordance to brand guidelines for SAN Nutrition and affiliate brands.


Senior Graphic Designer
April 2010–July 2013
  • Design graphics for promotional products, screen printing, embroidery, signs, logos, websites, stationary, etc.


  • Commercial Photography for clients and internal use.


  • Developed creative services job ticket database using Filemaker to improve workflow and communication amongst Sale Representatives, Design Department, Sign & Print Shop, and Administrators.


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Lightroom

Along with the above software, Craig is also proficient in Filemaker Pro, WordPress, HTML/CSS, MAC OS, Windows, and Microsoft Office




Major: Visual Communications
Concentration: Graphic Design



Major: Graphic Design
Concentration: Advertising

Digital Design


Aside from my design responsibilities, I have contributed to the overall interdepartmental communication at Guitar Center by developing and implementing tools that are easy to use and understand:


Creative Brief

As simple as a creative brief may sound, it has it’s difficulties when developing for multi-user access and usability. Prior to my intervention, the creative brief was inconsistent, difficult to decipher, and at times lacked sufficient information for designers and copywriters to create effective assets. This would result in project delay, miscommunication, projects needing reworked or completely redesigned, etc.

Upon the creation of the new Musician’s Friend website, which presented many new challenges in the creative brief, I decided to take the brief out of the hands of the Marketing Department and make it my responsibility. The creative brief that is issued includes multiple asset and version requests, email, HTML, landing page, and legal copy. The brief I created has taken the required information, displays it in an easy to understand format, and uses conditional formatting to highlight requests. Not only is it easy to read, it makes brief creation a simple task. The addition of this new brief has resulted in fewer delayed or cancelled projects, fewer missing assets and copy, and less need for in-person project clarification and meetings.


Live Proofing

With the many graphics assets that are required and created for each project it can be difficult for other departments to understand and visualize where the asset will live and how it will look on desktop, mobile, email and social spaces. I developed a proofing template that placed the assets and copy in the proper context so Marketers, Merchandisers, etc. could have a better understanding of how their projects would look and where they would appear. The Live Proofing has resulted in less re-designs, less missing/unrequested assets and copy, and better on-brand assets.


Best Practices

Several design projects and hundreds of assets are released by multiple designers on a weekly-basis. To ensure all assets are on-brand and present a cohesive look across all channels I took responsibility over all graphic suite templates. In collaboration with the Director of Brand Art, I created templates for all assets that are used by the Musician’s Friend design team. From typeface to pricing tenants, guidelines were created to ensure that all designers were releasing files that represented the Musician’s Friend brand.


I also, implemented the practice of using Linked Smart Objects and Variable Data Sets to help boost productivity and efficiency. Many graphic suites contain 50+ assets, and at any moment may need to be updated, whether it be copy or a product image. Updating multiple assets to reflect requested changes can be very time consuming and result in delayed asset release and inconsistent assets. By encouraging the use of Linked Smart Objects and Variable Data Sets in combination with Custom Actions, a product image swap or Copy update becomes a simple task that can be completed in a matter of minutes rather than hours. This allows designers to focus more on creative visuals and less on tedious production work.




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